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Renz Media
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Where excellence meets purpose.

Welcome to Renz Media & Consulting, the pinnacle of marketing and media excellence. In a world saturated with mainstream content, we stand out as a beacon of innovation and purpose.

Renz Media & Consulting recognizes the potential for creators and leaders to achieve even greater impact without compromising authenticity.

Creator and Talent Representation

Through our partnership with Renz Law we can provide access to quality legal representation for creators, talent, or pro-American leaders. Our team will never sacrifice your vision for our commission.

Marketing Consulting

The consultation process involves quantitative and qualitative research, listening, and could include anything from product development to troubleshooting/analysis to produce strategy to optimize to achieve each client's unique goals.

Content Monetization

In the realm of podcasting and production, even the most exceptional content often is left without reaping the deserved rewards. Monetizing your content is no small feat, but at Renz Media & Consulting, we can assist in transforming your podcast into a premier venture with precision that not only thrives but ensures your hard work translates into tangible returns.

Product Sales & Marketing

For those seeking to elevate their product as a true embodiment of American values, we stand as your premier ally. Collaborating with a network of esteemed patriots, we bring a distinguished touch to every facet of your product journey, from meticulous development to strategic positioning, compelling messaging, and orchestrating mass-market sales.

Social Media & PR

Social media can assist in expanding your visibility, creating awareness about your product/service, to amplify your brand's online impact and even promote sales! What a concept.

Book Publishing

While self-publishing offers a viable alternative, imagine retaining not just 10-15% but all the profits from your literary work. In navigating the intricate path of self-publishing, we stand as your distinguished guides, assisting you in every aspect of the process and ensuring a seamless transition to effectively market your work.


Tom Renz

Marketing + Media Consultant

Andrea Wexelblatt

Brand Strategist + Digital Design

Frankie Rodriguez


A consultant is your strategic partner, evaluating specific areas to propel your goals. For instance, a marketing consultant dissects your strategies to enhance sales, revenue, and exposure.

It’s imperative to understand that hiring a consultant greatly differs from hiring an in-house tradesman. At Renz Media and Consulting, the role of our consultants is to collaboratively navigate and illuminate solutions for your organization’s challenges.

The Crew_

A visionary leader with a distinguished marketing background, Renz himself has showcased unparalleled marketing brilliance, demonstrating publicity as a profound tool in the realm of lawfare. His seasoned team, curated meticulously, boasts extensive proficiency in diverse domains, including consulting, design, communications, and beyond. 

To ensure our clients embark on a journey of unparalleled success, we’ve forged alliances with the very best in the publishing, digital media industry, and other spheres, allowing our clients to not only meet but truly exceed their objectives.

Mission + -

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled excellence in media and marketing services and solutions exclusively to our pro-American clients. Mission over profits and integrity define the very core of our values. If you believe in America and want to develop your business here, we are here to serve you.


The Renz team is extremely busy and we are quite selective regarding who we will work with. If you would like to work with us reach out here and let us know who you are and what you hope to accomplish. We do not care how big or small your organization is but we cannot promote clients whose ideology we disagree with.

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    At Renz Media & Consulting, we whole-heartedly affirm that America stands as the unrivaled greatest nation on our planet. Our nation’s illustrious history is marked by transformative achievements: the abolition of slavery, a global fight for equality, triumphs against malevolent forces like Hitler, unprecedented wealth creation, and pioneering strides in securing rights for women. We proudly stand for freedom, unwavering integrity, and the preservation of a nation that has consistently catalyzed global good on an unprecedented scale.


    We believe freedom is the most sacred and inalienable right bestowed upon every individual, a divine gift from God Himself. We champion the notion that true freedom empowers individuals to choose their path, be it the pursuit of righteousness or the acceptance of personal missteps. By respecting freedom we help our clients stand for what they believe in without infringing on the rights of others.


    Integrity is the compass guiding our every action, even in the absence of scrutiny. We consider it a paramount duty for a marketing company to uphold an unwavering commitment to truth, anchored firmly in integrity. By doing so we ensure our clients are trusted and respected.


    Courage is not merely the absence of fear, it is the unwavering resolve to stand unyielding in its face. Opponents of our values do not instill fear in us, rather, we confront challenges with unassailable strength. Our commitment to standing strong amid adversity is reflected not only in our principles but in our premier ability to guide clients through challenging PR situations and provide adept crisis management.


    Share what you believe in, who you are, and what you want our help to accomplish. We’re here to assist in your mission, fight, or product sales, provided your values align with ours. Engage with us, not just as clients but as partners, and let’s sculpt strategies for your distinguished success. Email us at or choose to start growing below.


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